Sucking a mango fruit – fellatio techniques


“When your lover catches your penis in her hand and, shaping her lips to an 'O', lays them lightly to its tip, moving her head in tiny circles, this first step is called Nimitta”.

This is a great way to initiate fellatio if you are not sure what to do when you get down there.

Nominal congress

“When, holding the man's penis with her hand, and placing it between her lips, the woman moves about her mouth, it is called the 'nominal congress'”.

This is a very simple and mild technique that is a good way to get into the rhythm of oral sex. It is not a vigorous technique, but a gentle movement of the lips and tongue around the head of the penis.

Biting the sides

“Next, grasping its head in her hand, she clamps her lips tightly about the shaft, first on one side then the other, taking great care that her teeth don't hurt you: this is Parshvatoddashta”.

In other words, gently grip the head of the penis with your fingers, and caress the shaft with your lips and tongue. This is another less intense beginning to fellatio.

Outer pincers

“Now she takes the head of your penis gently between her lips, pressing and kissing it tenderly and pulling at its soft skin: this is Bahiha-samdansha”.

This technique mimics the final stage of the penis being taken in and withdrawn from the mouth, as the woman kisses the end of the penis as though she has just withdrawn it from her mouth.

Inner pincers

“If next she allows the head to slide completely into her mouth and presses the shaft firmly between her lips, holding a moment before pulling away, it is Antaha-samdansha”.

Great fellatio is all about technique and rhythm. Try variations in style and rhythm, by changing depth and speed and pressure.


“When, taking your penis in her hand and making her lips very round, she presses fierce kisses along its whole length, sucking as she would at your lower lip, it is called Chumbitaka”.

Fellatio is not just about taking the penis into your mouth. Explore the rest of it with your lips and tongue. This will help add variation.


“If, while kissing, she lets her tongue flick all over your penis and then, pointing it, strikes repeatedly at the sensitive glans-tip, it becomes Parimrshtaka”.

Though aggression can become very erotic, remember that the head of the penis is a very sensitive area, and too much pressure or pain may become extremely uncomfortable for your partner. Do not be afraid to ask if what you are doing is painful. He will be more than happy to help you get it right.

Sucking a mango fruit

“And now, fired by passion, she takes your penis deep into her mouth, pulling upon it and sucking as vigorously as though she were stripping clean a mango-stone, this is called Amrachushita”.

This technique is a good way to bring your partner to orgasm. However, as it is a very vigorous exercise, be sure to keep the noise levels down, so as not to put him off. If you are worried about awkward sounds during oral sex or intercourse, put on a cd, and let the music cover them up.

Swallowing up

“When she senses that your orgasm is imminent, she swallows up the whole penis, sucking and working upon it with lips and tongue until you spend: this is Sangara”.

This is of course the woman’s prerogative. Some women may be uncomfortable having a man ejaculate in their mouth. Before giving your partner oral sex, tell him your preference, and stick by it. ( )


  1. Watch the teeth when stripping clean mango-stone, you know what I mean, right? Be gentle, my guy likes me scraping the head a little bit with my chompers. It is all part of the variation needed to prevent things from getting boring. I read that bit on

  2. If you want to know how to give good head, then one of the easiest tricks in the book is to simply make it lip smacking good by keeping it well lubricated. Trying to give a hand job blow job to an un lubricated penis is always a battle for the giver and can be painful for the receiver. So keep a glass of water nearby for regular top ups when you need a break. If this is not an option, then some good old fashioned spit will also get you on your way. A moist mouth will always be well received and the transition from warm to cold with a change in tempo can also heighten sexual excitement. You can even sprinkle a bit on your naked body to add to the sexy image.